Hello all photographers!

Okay guys whether your a photographer just starting out with a phone cam or shooting with a DSLR send me some pictures you have taken, I will posting some of your pictures up on my website!!! I made this web page for ya’lls work! 

Send them to photosbyemilyyanez@yahoo.com

remember to put your information like name and stuff!!! please also send me a link to your twitter or facebook if you send in pictures :)

 Neyma Valencia Photography

Jose L Tafur Photography


Morgan Fowler photography

Mona Farra Photography

Caitlin Thurmond photography

Alex Garza Photography

Veronica Wolff photography

Xenia Mapp photography

Sissy Screams Silence photography by Sarah Nichols 


ORNELASIMAGES photography by sabrina

Madelyn Murray photography

 Nisha Photography

Frankie Montelongo photography http://www.facebook.com/FameFramedPhoto

Ljupche Vasilev photography

Emily Jane Photography

Roselyn Dimaano photography

 Vanessa Yanez photography Follow at http://www.facebook.com/vmyanez

Bailey Braun Photography

Kim Brawley Photography

Sabrina Duong Photography


07 The One That Got Away.mp3


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