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nayyirah.waheed poem. from salt. 2013.

Posted 29 weeks ago
You give, give, give, until it’s empty and gone.
Then you give a little more.
(via rogueonme)
Posted 29 weeks ago


Writing Under The Stars

She lives in the stars,

because they shine

more beyond than

the night sky.

They shine and sparkle in the


She lives in the leaves during the

autumn season.

When the leaves change into

bright orange, red and yellow colors

and fall off the tree and

fly and dance in the sky

she’s there.

You wonder why is she in these places

and will we ever solve this


as she blows out the candles for another

magical year from her


while under the stars.


Happy birthday @september-stardust ! 🎉🎂

Posted 29 weeks ago

Photography by Vanessa Yanez

 Photography by Anthony Guana 

Tailored Filter Photography on Tumblr:



Self portraits.


01 Goodnight moon.mp3


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